Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon provides a highly available and highly scalable cloud computing ecosphere that caters environments of all sizes. Contained within this ecosphere are several individual components, which can be utilized standalone or integrated with one another in creating very powerful deployments.

Geographically Disbursed

Amazon’s cloud computing presence spans across the globe in multiple regions accross the globe, including:

  • US-East-1 (N. Virginia)
  • US-West-1 (N. California)
  • US-West-2 (Oregon)
  • EU-West-1 (Ireland)
  • AP-Southeast-1 (Singapore)
  • AP-Northeast-1 (Tokyo)
  • SA-East-1 (Sao Paulo)

Scalable Cost

AWS operates on a pay as you go matrix – meaning you only pay for what you use, when you use it. They offer expense saving options such as Reserved Instances that help greatly to drive down operational costs.

Flexible API

One of the powerful features available to users is their various API’s that can be used for managing virtually all aspects of administering AWS products, such as EC2, Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Route53 (DNS) and beyond.

Get a brief introduction to some of the individual AWS services that we support below:

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