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Route 53 (DNS)

Amazon Route 53 is a stable Domain Name Service hosting platform that runs in the AWS ecosphere. It provides extremely low latency, geographically disbursed DNS services (although not an Anycast solution). which has become a vital tool for host resolution inside and outside of the AWS environment.

One of the strong-points of Route 53 is it’s API, which is accessible to end-users through many different programming languages. This makes autonomous server deployments very convenient for the administrator or programmer, when assigning an internally and externally resolvable FQDN’s to the newly (or previously) launched instances. It can also serve as the ideal service for providing globally distributed DNS services for external hosts (including delegation for internal network domains with some wizardry).

Another benefit of Route 53 is the ability to configure A ALIAS (RR) records, which gives users the abilities to point root domains and/or CNAME records to DNS A records (or AAAA records since IPv6 support is enabled) . This is generally not possible with BIND and other DNS software without additional programming or scripting logic.

If you are planning or have already deployed multiple hosts on AWS, Route 53 can be an invaluable tool for reducing latency for applications that are using hostname-based communications. There are several pro’s to using this service vs. rolling your own, and very few cons.

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