Here is a quick tip on routing all traffic from a single inside local address to single inside global address in Cisco IOS using PAT. This has been tested on a Cisco 1941 ISR G2 router running on the 15.2(T) firmware. This tip is helpful for those that overlook the fact that static 1:1 NAT is not the only option for routing the inside global address to an inside global address.

Take the following scenario: you are issued a /28 subnet of IPv4 addresses from your ISP, and you run a mail server in your DMZ that has a reverse PTR record for one of the inside global addresses in the /28. The topology is as follows:

  • Inside Global Network (from ISP):
  • LAN: 192.168.1/24
  • DMZ: 192.168.2/24
  • Mail Server (inside local):
  • Inside Global PTR: (mail.example.tld)

The trick to this is setting up an ip nat pool using a single inside global IP address:

The next step is to setup a standard access-list for the inside local address of the mail server in the DMZ:

Next, we will configure nat overload (PAT) to perform the translation (and write and save the configuration to the startup config):

A quick test of the configuration change from a shell on the mail server to confirm (Linux or UNIX with curl installed):


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