Linux IT Services

We provide comprehensive support and consulting services for planned or existing Linux server deployments, including but not limited to the following:

Managed System Administration

Let us manage your servers. You can focus on developing your applications knowing you have the systems administration stuff taken care of.

  • Remote Administration
  • Maintenance, Patching, Updating
  • Customization

Automation & Scripting

Our services include custom scripting and task automation to suit your needs. We also specialize in custom deployments of the Puppet and Chef system administration frameworks for maintaining consistency of server configurations and file assets.

Design & Deployment

  • Architecting
  • Buildout (Onsite/Remote)
  • Maintenance

High Availability

  • Consulting
  • Scaling
  • Load Balancing (Software, Hardware)
  • Performance Tuning

System Hardening

Kernel Hardening

We can provide services for hardening your server kernels with the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux), Grsecurity (Grsec) and PaX kernel patches, and ensure your systems.

System Hardening

We provide customizable options are available for the roles of your servers, such as system hardening through the use of proactive attack detection and firewalling, centralized logging and analysis, file integrity checking, and more.

Application Hardening

We can help mitigate the threats that are actively pursuing your servers through protecting your application code, auditing permissions, and tightening up service configurations.

Gentoo (Hardened)

Say goodbye to those buffer overflows and Ret2Libc attacks with a hardened Gentoo deployment. RELRO, PIC, PIE, ASLR, and PaX to the rescue.

Supported Linux Distributions

We support and provide consulting services for virtually every Linux distribution, including:

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Gentoo
  • Mandriva
  • Red Hat Enterprise (RHEL)
  • SuSE
  • Ubuntu

Get in touch

If you would more information on how we can help, drop us a quick line to schedule a chat on out contact page.